Before digital cameras came along, you had to set your "F stop" to the proper setting to have the right exposure for your photos. There was a saying among photojournalists: "F8 and be there."--set your camera to F8, and get to the scene ready to go. Not that much has changed, really.

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WW II photographer Robert Capa

Friday, September 24, 2010

Leading Worship

I thought this was a pretty good photo of COR's Minister of Contemporary Worship Lance Winkler leading worship Sunday evening.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

City Hall 2

More black and white photos from the recent trip to City Hall...

The floor in the first floor lobby area.

An ornate water fountain. Does this not just scream Art Deco?

Elevator doors on the second floor. Three different patterns. Here's one side.

Middle elevator.

The other side. Not every elevator door in the 28 story building is this ornate; the first and second floor feature these thematic designs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

City Hall

Kansas City, Missouri's City Hall was built in the late 1930s, with all sorts of Art Deco frou frou. When it was finished, color film was still pretty uncommon. For some reason, City Hall just begs to be photographed in black and white. Here is just one of several cool photos of the inside of City Hall that I took on Thursday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Ruskin-Park Hill Football Action

Park Hill pass. The receiver on this short screen type pass is just out of frame to the left.

Ruskin score! Note the celebration to the right--wish I had him all the way in the frame. The ball carrier is partially concealed in the group of five players to the right.

Remember: Clicky on photos to embiggen--use the back button to return.

Ruskin vs. Park Hill

Photog's note: Because District Stadium is oriented north/south, the sun sets right over the visitor's stands. Thus pictures are best taken from the visitor's side. Since this is a photo blog and not the rah-rah sports blog, I'm posting the best from my trips to the grid iron, regardless of who is pictured.

A Park Hill coach works with his players while cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheers.

Fumble! Actually a muffed punt by Park Hill. Ruskin eventually recovered the errant pigskin (just to the ref's left in this shot), leading to a score and one of the few bright spots for the Eagles in this game.

Pregame prayer. Three Park Hill players have a quiet time.


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