Before digital cameras came along, you had to set your "F stop" to the proper setting to have the right exposure for your photos. There was a saying among photojournalists: "F8 and be there."--set your camera to F8, and get to the scene ready to go. Not that much has changed, really.

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"If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough."

"The pictures are there, and you just take them."

WW II photographer Robert Capa

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Christian music recording artist Matthew West signs autographs after the concert last Saturday night in Kansas City, MO. BlackBerry shot.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kitten Post

BoyCat and Small Fry. Small Fry was what this slightly fluffy kitten was called for three weeks after I took her in when she was found stray at the McD's at Minor and Holmes. She has a proper name now. She loves the BoyCat and plays with him all the time. He appears to love playing with her, and it has brought out his inner kitten. So cute to watch them play together! She chases his tail and bounces off him regularly.

Deliberate Blurring

Actually the title of the post is misleading in this: I didn't do this deliberately. I wanted to shoot the Ruskin team running out onto the field with a little bit of pan, and I did. But I forgot that I had turned off the flash on the camera, thus slowing the "shutter speed" considerably. Thus a little extra blur, a little flourish on the old time technique known as "panning"--following a moving object in the viewfinder of the camera. Done right, it produces an image with the moving object fairly well focused and the background blurry, thus giving the viewer the impression of the movement of the object.

Cool, huh?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Crook's Worst Nightmare

If you are a bad guy trying to get away from the police, there are two sounds you don't want to hear:
Strange sounding words followed by barking and the sound of pounding paws as the police dog comes to get you.

The chop-chop sound of the police helicopter overhead.

The Kansas City Police Department demo'ed both these crime fighting tools at the Red Bridge Festival today. I hope you were out and about in this very special weather for October. The weather geeks on KSHB reminded us it was 55 and rainy last year at this time!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


At the end of the football game at Center Friday night, after the last Smith Cotton pass fell incomplete and the game was won, there was this wonderful celebration that took me by surprise. I grabbed the camera and "shot from the hip."

As I considered the scene before me, my eye was drawn to a Center coach talking to two players. As I framed the shot, he embraced the two young men...


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