Before digital cameras came along, you had to set your "F stop" to the proper setting to have the right exposure for your photos. There was a saying among photojournalists: "F8 and be there."--set your camera to F8, and get to the scene ready to go. Not that much has changed, really.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deliberate Blurring

Actually the title of the post is misleading in this: I didn't do this deliberately. I wanted to shoot the Ruskin team running out onto the field with a little bit of pan, and I did. But I forgot that I had turned off the flash on the camera, thus slowing the "shutter speed" considerably. Thus a little extra blur, a little flourish on the old time technique known as "panning"--following a moving object in the viewfinder of the camera. Done right, it produces an image with the moving object fairly well focused and the background blurry, thus giving the viewer the impression of the movement of the object.

Cool, huh?

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