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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boycat, Ladycat and Girlcat

Boycat, adopted from a rescue group.
Ladycat, taken in as a stray. She's in her teens.
Girlcat, adopted from my vet's office. Yes, she has more than the usual number of kitty toes.

Hat tip to Ann T. for the monikers.
Yes, Boycat is the Observer Kitty!

These pictures are some of many of my three cats that were shot at low resolution. They are best shared in these postage stamp sizes for that reason. You can click on the photos to see them in a bigger size. Use the back button to return.


  1. Dear The Observer,
    They are wonderful pictures laid out just as you have them. Like postage stamps; Cats of America.

    I sprang my Boycat and Girlcat from the City Pokey. Bail was high, but it's been worth it. They have very sweet ways.

    Ann T.

  2. Ann T.

    Thank you! I love many of these pictures, but their low resolution limits their use. I did another entry this way; showing the cats together in various attitudes.

    The Observer



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