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Friday, March 26, 2010

Series: Simba

My nose wrinkles when I yawn.

I'll show you my good side. Note my classic tabby markings, and white accents.

There's nothing like a good roll around on the floor.

This handsome young cat named Simba, along with other adorable adoptables, can be found at Wayside Waifs in south Kansas City.


  1. Thats a cute kitty!! When Simba lies on his back, I want to MUSHY MUSHY MUSHY his belly. Thats rub in human speak. Whenever we'd say, Mushy mushy mushy to my cat, Larry, he'd come running, plop down and roll over to get his belly rubbed. OOoOoOO I miss Larry now!!

  2. peedee: I couldn't believe this guy was at the shelter for almost a month, as handsome as he is. But he's a high energy kitty, not as cuddly as some would like. He was adopted last week.
    Larry sounds like he was a great cat. I sometimes think cats are not given enough credit for being able to train us hoomins. ;-)
    Thanks for looking in and your comment!



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