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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dedicated to Ann T's BoyCat

A shelter kitty, Pepe, models "the cone of shame" in this photo taken in February. Pepe was freed from the cone the next week and was adopted out in about a month.

Blogger bud Ann T's male cat ate 24 pony tail holders and one rubber band thus causing himself to need surgery and he has been sporting the cone at home. Poor BoyCat! Get Well Soon!


  1. Dear The Observer,
    Oh, how nice!!! This makes me feel better.

    Poor Pepe and Poor BoyCat! Right now the Boy-Boy is out of the cone and sleeping on the rug. I feel like the Torture Queen when I put it back on him.

    He would say something thankful, I'm sure, but he is stoned out of his mind right now. He gets a dose every 8:30.

    So I will do the honors: THANK YOU and MROW!
    from Ann T. and her BoyCat!

  2. Ann T:
    I hope he is not hard to pill!


    The Observer

  3. Dear The Observer,
    I was given unnamed stuff in syringes. Grab, shoot into throat, give chicken broth. No troubles.

    He has been out of the cone and not worried his staples at all! What a good BoyCat!

    This week he gets them out. Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Ann T.



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