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Friday, May 14, 2010


My Peony is rather tardy; this is my neighbor's. Even though their plant has started to bloom, there are plenty of buds to go. Looks like a good year for Peonies!


  1. Dear The Observer,
    Oh, Good! Thank you! and that little hint of dandelion is good too. They are also one of my favorite flowers, believe it or not!

    I have a special request for the summer. We do not get them here and I don't know if you get them there, but I'm looking for Sultan's Caps or Sultan's hats. if you see some, will you take a snap?? Probably months down the road . . . if you remember . . . hummingbirds and butterflies like them . . .

    I still love these huge buds and the partly open and the full bloom. That's the measure of a gorgeous flower!

    Thank you,
    Ann T.

  2. Ann T:

    I'll have to google that flower as it does not ring a bell to me. Our weather is similar to yours--maybe closer to Philly's even--are they a warm place flower?

    Peonies bloom in the rainy season and sometimes that makes them deflate. We have had rain, but so far, so good. As for dandies, they don't care!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    The Observer

  3. Dear The Observer,
    Yes, maybe you don't get them. They grow in Texas so I thought maybe . . .

    They are sometimes called Turk's caps with a red flower Malvaviscus arboreous. Ummm, I never see a good picture of them. The flowers are small compared to the leaves so I guess it's a challenge.

    Don't tear up S. Kansas City looking for them!
    Just a thought is all!

    Thank you, very much,
    Ann T.



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