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Saturday, January 29, 2011

High School Hoops Are Back!

Took in my first high school basketball game of 2010-11 (instead of the SOTU speech--bad blogger!) on Tuesday night, Ruskin HS entertaining Lee's Summit West.

The crowd holds up their hands in anticipation of a made free throw. This is late in the game when the LS West Titans were fouling to get the ball back. Winning teams make their foul shots! An experimental photo--a SLR would have probably been able to make more difference between the shooter and the crowd in terms of focus, throwing the player more out of focus--but I like the way it came out here pretty well.

Coaching'em up. I was right behind the Ruskin bench to get this shot. It is cropped but not by much. Love it!

West defender meets Ruskin offense.

This is what a stall looks like. Ruskin went into a four corners type offense for a little bit after needing to recover from losing a 10 point lead to West's crazy good three point shooter--he was 5-5 at one point!

Best action shot of the night. I was trying to remember if the ref called a foul--that sure looks like a foul what with #24's thumb wrapped around the shooter's arm.

Love, love, love shooting sports, I do, I do!

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