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Friday, January 7, 2011

Wayside Waifs January 7, 2011

Wayside Waifs is having a special event to celebrate the Chiefs playoff game this Sunday. Adoption fees have been cut in half. Lots of cute puppies, dogs, kittens and cats available. Some are named after Chiefs players and cheerleaders. Check it out.

These two guys were labelled Weimaraner/Poodle mixes. I wonder what they'll look like when they grow up?

Matt Cassel huddles up with teammates.

If I remember correctly this ball of fluff was named Brian Waters.

And this is Todd Haley.

These two five month old male cats are off to the vets for last check up before leaving for their new home!

Two epically cute red and white kittens.

Such pretty markings and wonderful green eyes--and funny nonchalant pose!

Wayside Waifs is in south Kansas City at 3901 Martha Truman Drive. On the web at

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