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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Long to Fit

Oh, nuts, I didn't fit it in! But there is some charm in the botched composition of this shot of KCMO FD's Truck 7...

AND It is hard to see your digital viewfinder in bright sun light.


  1. Dear The Observer,
    Yeah, you have straight lines all around and one biomorphic shape, centering completely on a gut.

    ROFL, Bwahahahahaha!
    Ann t.

  2. Ann:
    You may actually be closer to the truth as to why the shot still has some aesthetic appeal. Even the officer is basically a line--in his case vertical, along with the road, the light poles, the truck, etc. There is a mild break, at the pivot point of the aerial apparatus, which, interestingly, is near the officer. Yes, the photo would have been better if the truck could be seen in its entirety but it's not terrible as it worked out.

    Still, it's funny too!

    The Observer

  3. Dear The Observer,
    The old spare tire . . . it Is a good shot. I meant to say that, but I was enjoying it too much.
    Ann T., still giggling

    unbelievable, my google-up was 'dings'



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